#AskYork9 Q&A – Your Questions Answered
York9 FC

You asked, they answered! Over the past week, York9 FC supporters submitted questions for President & CEO Preben Ganzhorn, and Director of Soccer Jimmy Brennan and his coaching staff over social media.

Enjoy this exclusive Q&A on the inner workings of York9 Football Club.


Is the focus to sign and develop young players from York Region, GTA, Ontario? Or should we expect a mix of internationals and ages?

Definitely a mix to start, but over the long term the goal of York9 is to take advantage of the hotbed of soccer that York Region is, and fill our team with the talent that already exists locally.

Our focus will be to put the best product out there with a strong Canadian emphasis. We want to avoid making lateral moves with international players. We want them to help develop our young Canadians and make them better. We will be very selective with our foreigners, and we’re looking to give young Canadians a proper atmosphere to grow develop and challenge their abilities


What is the vision for York9 FC, and possibly the league as a whole, to see players from the club progress to being called up to the national team?

Absolutely, the goal of the Canadian Premier League is to develop players to create a stronger national team, and York9 is no exception to that.


When can we expect to see the schedule to be released?

Early in the new year we’ll release our fixture list.


What tentative year are you expecting York9 to get its own SS stadium?

We’re planning towards beginning play in either the 2021 or 2022 season in our own Soccer Specific Stadium in York Region


What footballing style will York9 FC strive for?

Attacking. We want technical players that are comfortable on the ball, and that are attack minded and think forward first.

Our main focus will to be create ways to score goals. The ball will be very valuable to us and the more we have it the more opportunity we will have to score goals. When we don’t have we will look to regain possession as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible to get more opportunities.


Any hints as to player signings that we may recognize?

We’ve got a couple players up our sleeves… good Canadian boys.


Give us a hint of the home kit please? Will it be electric green, charcoal grey or white?

There will definitely be green… there’s your hint.


Is York9 actively looking at foreign leagues to sign players?

Yes, we’re making sure we’re keeping an eye on many leagues all over the world as we work to build a winning club.


Will York9 have any youth team academy in the future?

Yes, but in the meantime we’re very fortunate that York Region is well served with a number of fantastic youth clubs that create a strong pipeline to the York9 first team.


How do you recruit players?

We have a wide network of scouts and contacts we rely on who refer us to players. We then set up a meeting with them or on occasion hold invitational try outs for those prospective players. These are ongoing at all times.


Is York9 FC going to use data analytics, performance, and video analysis?

Yes, we’ll be using every piece of data and technology available to us to give us an edge wherever possible.


What is something the club plans on doing to stand out in a crowded sports market?

In North America, it’s the common belief that each market can only sustain 1 club (maybe 2 in the case of the absolute largest cities). We believe that like in the rest of the world, there is plenty of room for multiple clubs within one market, and the rivalries that can happen within one area only stokes that fire.


Will Generation IX be the twelfth man for the boys?

Absolutely, we’re excited to watch how they’re growing and really embracing the club in the community. We expect Every York9 game to be a festival of soccer where by Generation IX are the maestros of the massive band.


Where does Jimmy get his flower dress shirts? (Asked by Rob Friend)

A local York Region designer with influence from Vancouver Island’s botanical gardens