‘There is going to be off-season movement’: Plans shaping up nicely for 2021

Considering the relentlessness of the planning and strategizing, there’s an irony to how this period is consistently referred to as the off-season for football clubs.

But for York9 FC, everything is coming together quite nicely.

The club’s Managing Consultant, Angus McNab, has confirmed a number of new arrivals already, secured new deals for select players and continues to finalize some exciting acquisitions for next year and beyond. He’s also secured much-needed loan opportunities in Europe for a handful of the squad. But alongside the positives, there’s also the harsh reality of transition.

For McNab, it just goes with the territory.

“We are a salary-capped competition so there is going to be off-season movement most seasons”, he says.

“For me this is a positive as it shows the league is continuing to evolve. We’ll get some deals done and with others we won’t agree on a valuation and move on. That’s the business of football and I do not begrudge any player the opportunity to earn more somewhere else. We wish them the best and thank them for their efforts in a York9 jersey.”

Presently, fourteen players are now contracted for 2021 while discussions are also on-going with a group whose current deals expire at the end of the year. McNab is quick to point out that some will be back at the Nine Stripes next term.

“We continue to have discussions with a number of players who are out of contract and there are some we would like to retain”, he says.

“I’m sure there will be announcements regarding a number of these guys in the coming weeks.”

Sadly, five players won’t be returning to the club for a variety of reasons.

These include Brian Lopez, signed earlier this year but who subsequently couldn’t travel to Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions, experienced midfielder Joseph di Chiara who’s been with the side for the last two seasons, youngsters Julian Altobelli and Ezequiel Carrasco, and Brazilian striker Gabriel Vasconcellos.

“Everyone is different”, McNab explains.

“Brian Lopez had an unbelievably tough situation, Gabriel (Vasconcellos) is a great human and a phenomenal addition for his next club and for Zeke it’s not the correct thing for his football development. Zeke needs to play games and we can’t offer that. He’ll stay close to the squad but won’t be on the initial roster for 2021”.

“Joe and Julian have their own situations and made decisions on what they need to do. I wish them nothing but the best as they have both put in a huge amount of effort with us. I particularly need to highlight Joe’s contribution as a senior player the last few years – he has an opportunity we won’t stand in the way of.”


2021 Contracted Players

GK: Nathan Ingham

DF: Morey Doner

DF: Diyaeddine Abzi

DF: Ryan Lindsay (U21)

M: Ijah Halley (U21)

M: Isiah Johnston (U21)

M: Jordan Wilson

M: Michael Petrasso (on loan to Barnet until 1st July 2021)

M: Mateo Hernandez (International)

F: Lowell Wright (U21)

F: Julian Ulbricht (International)

F: Nicholas Hamilton (International & on loan to Dundee FC until 1st July 2021)


Returning having agreed new terms:

M: Max Ferrari (U21)

F: Alvaro Rivero (International)


Out of contract:

DF: Luca Gasparotto

DF: Roger Thompson 

DF: Matthew Arnone

M: Wataru Murofushi (International) 

M: Kyle Porter

M: Manny Aparicio

M: Chris Mannella

F: Ryan Telfer

F: Jace Kotsopoulos 


Club option for 2021:

D: Fugo Segawa (International)


Option not taken:

GK: Ezequiel Carrasco

M: Brian Lopez (International)

F: Gabriel Vasconcellos (International)


Released at own request:

M: Julian Altobelli (U21)

M: Joseph Di Chiara


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