Club Philosophy

York9 FC’s on-field technical philosophy is forward thinking, playing the right way and a “football first” mentality.

Off the field, the club also aspires to be forward thinking.

That starts with a policy of total transparency. Supporters and corporate partners can be assured of continuous open communication, inclusion, and empowerment.

Forward thinking will also include the adoption a global mentality…and that will necessitate carbon management.

Environmental stewardship inspired the carbon conscious stadium plan. Managing an organization’s carbon footprint is a complex challenge, but one the owners will commit to in various stages. Having grown up in a city that strives to be the first carbon neutral capital in the world, Preben Ganzhorn was always exposed to the virtues of wind energy, bike usage and green rooftops.

York Region features a multitude of pristine and sensitive areas that require preservation including Vivian Forest and Oak Ridges. The club aims to support any initiative that will protect and sustain the area’s natural treasures.