York 9: Club Story

The story of York Region is made of forward thinking people from 9 distinct communities that have a love for the beautiful game. A game that is driven by people, passion and purpose.

Founders Carlo Baldassarra, Preben Ganzhorn and Jim Brennan have the drive and vision to connect our club with the community and create a culture of excellence. All are committed to implementing a forward thinking, football first philosophy that will excite our fans.

Ganzhorn’s Danish upbringing helped inspire the club’s modular and expandable stadium built with glued laminated wood. The result being a natural looking but durable venue that can grow with the club and provide maximum amenities and comfort to supporters.

The municipalities of Aurora, Georgina, King, Markham, Vaughan, East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Whitchurch/Stouffville are diverse and only matched by the scenery and character from each town. Connecting the people and land of York Region.

The town of Aurora is a thriving urban and suburban centre that was recently named Canada’s ‘top places to live’ shortlist. Aurora has a great soccer history that dates to the 1960’s. Aurora Youth Soccer Club and Aurora FC have about 5,000 registered players in the region.

Fishing is popular in the clear waters, but it’s in winter where Georgina distinguishes itself as the “Ice Fishing Capital of North America.” Many kids in Georgina are part of Lake Simcoe Soccer Club. A club that strives to develop and enhance programs to maintain the highest standards of coaching, refereeing, and skill development.

The township of King is surrounded by rolling hills and fertile farmland with punctuated quaint hamlets and towns that provide a unique semi-rural lifestyle. The township of King is home to King United Soccer Club. A local not-for-profit organization that gives children and teenagers the opportunity to learn about the game and develop their soccer skills.

The town of Markham is one of the most culturally diverse and fastest growing cities in Canada with more than 65 unique cultures and languages. The history of soccer in Markham dates to the creation of Markham Minor Soccer Club in 1971 and the Markham Youth Soccer Club until 1991, when it joined with Markham (senior) Soccer Club to form today’s club. Unionville Milliken S.C. is based in the historic hamlet of Unionville, founded in 1976. It has 3,000 registered players, 250 Coaches, 75 Referees and 350 dedicated volunteers.

From its earliest beginnings, Vaughan has been a city that welcomes people of all nationalities. The city has evolved to become a major urban centre rich in culture, history and natural heritage. The city of Vaughan has a strong soccer community and is considered by many to be a soccer hot-bed in the province. The Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum is also based in Vaughan.  

East Gwillimbury is more than just a sleepy rural landscape, connected by a handful of small towns and suburbs. It’s a community with a rich history that dates to the 1700s. The town also has an extensive trail system that travels through open grasslands, forests and wetlands. East Gwillimbury has a small soccer community that includes East Gwillimbury Soccer Club, a local non-profit club that offers top-notch leagues, programs and camps for kids of all ages.

Newmarket started as an agricultural community, but now is a busy centre for commerce and small businesses. The town is also home to Newmarket soccer club, a club that provides soccer programs for all ages and levels, in a fun and positive environment.

Richmond Hill has a rich history dating back to the 1800s when First Nations arrived and settled in the area. Over the years, the town has remained a distinctive community, one of change yet with strong historical roots. The town is home of Richmond Hill Soccer Club, a community club founded in 1968 and is currently the largest recreational league in York Region.

Whitchurch-Stouffville is the third fastest growing community in Canada that has managed to maintain traditional, rural and communal roots while transforming into a knowledge-based economy. Whitchurch-Stouffville soccer club founded in 1977, plays at a new multi-field indoor soccer facility called Soccer City. The centre offers recreational programs for different age groups.

All nine communities have one goal; to build a club that is authentic, futuristic and represents the people.

York 9 FC. Forward Thinking.