York 9 Football Club Emblem

The York 9 FC crest is as unique as our story and highlights the forward-thinking approach of all nine cities and towns. A motivation for kids to shoot for the stars, while keeping the ball on the ground.

The emblem is inspired by the inclusiveness of York 9 FC’s cities and towns and comes from the shape formed by the boundaries of these municipalities. A crest forming nine green beams rising diagonally across the top of the crest, one for each community. Starting with Aurora’s abundance of greenspace, Georgina’s distinguished ice fishing competitions, Oak Ridges Moraine in King, the innovative spirit of Markham – Canada’s high-tech capital, Vaughan’s strong soccer community, East Gwillimbury’s extensive trail system, Newmarket’s historical buildings and storefronts, Richmond Hill’s cultural diversity, and Whitchurch-Stouffville’s motto of “The country close to the city.”

All nine districts are a testament to the mantra of York Region – Ontario’s Rising Star.

The white trillium, a floral emblem from 1937, is a source of pride for York Region. The trillium blooms in early spring and signifies peace and hope. The name also comes from Latin and refers to the unique groups of three that make up the flora.

Black Creek River is an important area in York Region and it inspires the club colors, charcoal grey and black on black.  The creek begins in the Vellore neighbourhood of Vaughan and flows through out York Region. Early settlers used Black Creek River as an entrance to Upper Canada in the early 19th century.

An essential element of our logo is electric green. A salute to our region, our club aims to promote conservation and to establish a harmonious connection between our club and the land. Boyd Park, Bruce Mills Conservation and York Regional Forest are examples of the abundance of greenspace in the region. These forests are the backbone of our community, allowing people to enjoy multiple recreational activities, while promoting sustainability and biodiversity.

The club’s stadium will be built with a green environmental focus that reflects the vision of the founders and ownership, Greenpark Group. The essence of green will be central to our identity, woven into the jersey as a source of pride to fans and our community.

Grounded to the roots of the land, York Region will inspire a new generation to not only dream, but to act for a brighter future.  

York 9 FC. Forward Thinking.